What is TBR & How to TBR Jar


TBR stands for To Be Read. It is a list or pile of books that a person wants to read.

I have a very large TBR list (almost 300 books!), and every time I was looking for a new book, I could never decide. Because of this, I made a TBR Jar. This way when I get done with a book, I can randomly draw a new book to read, and voila, no wasted time trying to decide.


TBRjar 1

1. Supplies:

  • 1 mason jar
  • scissors
  • paper
  • pen
  • TBR list
  • decorating supplies


2. Cut out little slips of paper (I used 2″ by 1″), and then write out a book (or series) you want to read on each piece of paper.


3. Fold them into halves and put them into the jar.


4. Decorate your jar. I used ribbon, and some fancy scrapbooking stickers.


TBR flahdgojn

5. Hot glue everything so it stays.


6. TADA!


7. The books I have picked to read, I put on the lid by unscrewing the top part, sliding the papers in, and re-screwing it.

And there you go! I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Comment below what you would like me to make next.


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