Giant (Birthday) Book Haul July & August 2015

In which I show all of the wonderful books I acquired recently!

My library has a section where you can buy books that people donate. They are always super cheap, so naturally, I went a little crazy.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Mind you, my family already owns all but the Goblet of Fire, but 1. I wanted a set for myself, 2. they were on super sale, and in good condition, 3. they were hard cover (and I owned a mismatch before).


The Help


Local pre-owned bookstore

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

City of Bones

I plan to buy the whole series soon in hardcover, but again, it was a good deal

The Word on the Street

This is a bible paraphrase. I generally don’t like bible paraphrases, but this one is funny (it uses British slang). It isn’t the actual bible, just one person’s paraphrase of it.


Book Depository

Shatter Me

Funny story, not really. I accidentally ordered the library hardback edition of this book. I was really upset when it came because I payed so much for it, but I decided I am going to keep it, because it is a great book, and I don’t want to pay return shipping.

A Tale of Two Cities



The Infernal Devices Trilogy: Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, Clockwork Princess

One of my absolute favorites! If you haven’t read them yet, do it! Now! Will Herondale is my love… Okay, I’m off track, but they are so beautiful on the inside and outside.


The Fault In Our Stars


Birthday (actually almost all of these were books I bought myself with money I got for my birthday)

Catching Fire

My little brother gave me his copy for my birthday. I thought it was so sweet, but I forgot to include it in my “book photo shoot”. Sorry.

School Textbooks no one cares about

I also got a couple of textbooks this month, but no one wants to see that.

From Publishing Companies


I got sent my very first review copy this month! I am so excited!


I have already read (almost) all of these, but I am so glad I got to buy them so I can reread them!

What are some of your recent book buys?


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