August 2015 Wrap Up


With the start of school this month, and a major reading slump, I didn’t read much, but I think I am finally out of the reading slump, and I hope to read more next month. Also I barely followed my August TBR goals, so hopefully I will do better with that this month.

I read:

  1. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I hated this book. I had to read it before school started as a summer assignment, and it is possibly my least favorite book ever. It is about British imperialism, and there were some good themes, and morals, but for the most part it was awful, and not even worth a rating.
  2. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. I loved this book! Read my review here. Rating: 4.5 stars.
  3. Armada by Ernest Cline. Read my review here. Rating: 1.2 stars.


What books did you read this month? Any books worth adding to the TBR?


2 thoughts on “August 2015 Wrap Up

    • I’m so excited, Heir of Fire is sitting on my shelf right now! And you might like it, but it wasn’t the right book for me. It is really pretty on the outside, but it is slow, and a lot of the jokes were inclusive to specific video games.


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