Special Review: The Time Garden by Daria Song


Gorgeously drawn, magically written The Time Garden is a fantastic coloring adventure for all ages. This “magical journey and coloring book” is about a little girl whose dad brings home a cuckoo clock from Germany. This little girl is intrigued by the magical clock that doesn’t run on batteries or electricity, so after her parents go to sleep, she sneaks out and sees a fairy in the clock.

It is so beautifully drawn, and is very complex. There is a major craze going around right now for adult coloring books, and I understand why. If you miss coloring, and need more of a challenge, this is an adorable book. It could be for all ages, but it is very intricate, so I would say it is more on the teen/adult spectrum of coloring books.

The pages are thick enough that almost any type of coloring you would like to do would work. I started out using colored pencils, but I am sure markers and other coloring devices could work as well.
I am so glad I got it, and I can’t wait for the many hours to come of coloring.


I received this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review.

Do you own any adult coloring books? What is your favorite one?


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