Favorite BookTube Accounts


These are just a few of my favorites. I have mixed feelings about BookTube. I love it for recommendations, and for the community of other people who love books, but I also think that it can make the people who are a part of it and who watch act shallow towards books. I think Awake and Reading addresses this well. Basically, the fact that there is a BookTube standard of perfect books and perfectly matching sets, even if the person who bought them doesn’t plan on reading them again makes me think about my books, and makes me want to buy the newest and best editions of the books even though I have perfectly good ones on my shelf. Yes, books are pretty, and covers are important, but the story and content is more important.

That being said, I still love BookTube, the community, and books. A few of my favorites in semi-ish particular order are:

These three are really good friends and I love their videos, especially since they get a lot of perks with panels, BookCon, and BEA since they are some of the biggest BookTubers out there.

  • polandbananasBOOKS Christine is really funny, and quirky, and I love her channel.
  • jessiethereader There aren’t many popular guy BookTubers, but Jessie is great, and it’s good to see his perspective on books.
  • katytastic She is also very quirky. Her and Christine are roommates and so sometimes they do awesome bookish skits together.
  • Abookutopia Sasha was the first BookTuber I ever watched, and I love how genuine she seems. She also has introduced me to several authors and books that I loved and otherwise probably would never have heard about.
  • Little Book Owl She is as adorable as her name suggests, and is Australian. I love being introduced to different books from different markets, and she does this.
  • Peruse Project
  • readbyzoe

Of course, these are not the only BookTubers that I watch, and there should be lots more mentioned in here, but these are the people I watch the most. They are all fairly different, which is nice since I can pick whichever person I am in the mood for. I also really love how most of them have possibly different opinions on books, or are interested in different types of books, so together they suggest a wide variety of books for recommendations.

Here’s to many more hours on BookTube instead of doing homework!


Let me know who your favorite BookTubers are in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Favorite BookTube Accounts

  1. I sometimes bingewatch Booktube but I don’t really have favourites. I’m just obsessed with watching their haul posts haha! I love living through people vicariously.

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