Writing Reflections {1}

I used to not be interested in writing at all. I only liked to read, and I would get quickly bored with writing. Now, I enjoy it a lot, but I feel like I can’t stick to it.

I have started a million stories I will never finish.

And you know what? That’s okay. I have fun writing. I enjoy setting up a story, and starting to form characters, but at this point, I am not in love with my characters and I don’t have the patience to actually sit down and finish a story. Maybe someday I’ll continue on and write the middle. For now I am okay with my beginnings. Maybe someday I will write an end.

Let’s discuss: Have you written a bunch of stories you will never finish? If you have finished a book, what’s your advice to those of us who don’t have the patience/motivation? Do you like to write? What types of stories do you write?


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