Bookish Gift Guide {1}

As a reader, I would love nothing more than to spread my bookish love to everyone, but book buying for other people is hard.

My Dad hates anything that isn’t practical (boring) and most likely nonfiction. He hates novels (which is my realm!), so he is impossible. My Mother owns almost all the books she wants (I bought her a few for Christmas, checked the shelves in my house to make sure she didn’t have them, but found them in her room AFTER I had bought them 😦 ) And my brother, when asked about books says he hopes all libraries and books burn (sacrilege and blasphemy I tell you!)

The important part about trying to get your loved ones more into gifts is to give it to them in small portions. Don’t just give them a bunch of books because most likely they won’t like it.

(This is the first installment to my Bookish Gift Giving Guide series. Today was more of an intro. More to come!)

Do you have this book buying problem? Has anyone ever given you books you didn’t like? Have you ever given someone books successfully? What is your advice for other people? What types of bookish things do you buy your family/friends/etc.?


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