Bookish Gift Guide {2} Actual Books

Buying Actual Books

Buying actual books for other people is usually a hit or miss. It’s really hard to pick a book that you know they will love (and don’t already own) unless you know them REALLY well. I generally stay away from buying books for other people but a giftcard to a favorite bookstore might work.

Before you buy someone a book, ask yourself:

For those who already like books:

  1. Would I like this book as a present?
  2. Does it have good ratings/ have I read it and did I like it?
  3. What genre is this? Does the person like the genre?
  4. Take their age into consideration. (An adult might not like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, but that is the only series my brother will read.)
  5. Do I know them well enough to KNOW they will love this book?

For those who may/may not like books:

  1. Has s/he read this book before? Is there a chance they own it already?
  2. Has s/he talked about books before? Is there some sort of interest in books already?
  3. If they don’t read much, and your goal is to get them more into novels/ books, I suggest a well known and loved book (i.e. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc.)
  4. (Last Resort:) Can s/he send it back if they don’t like it?

Consider very carefully before buying someone a book because it is very important to preserve a love for books among the general public and it would be bad to make them dislike reading because of your present.


See my first Bookish Gift Guide post here.

Let’s chat: Have you ever received a book you disliked? Do you have anything to add to my list? Have you gotten books you liked before? Did you ask for them specifically or did someone surprise you? Have you ever bought a book for someone? How did it turn out?


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