Bookish Gift Guide {3} Adult Coloring Books

Coloring Books

I know what you’re thinking “Aren’t coloring books for little children who are trying to be forced to conform to the wills of society by coloring inside lines?” YES! But also NO. 🙂

Adult coloring books. Sounds bad, right? But just in case you haven’t hopped on that train yet, they are intricately beautiful coloring books. There are so many types, and they are so much fun.

I reviewed one here.

Basically figure out what the person you are getting one for likes (i.e. Christmas, Harry Potter, Cities, flowers etc.) and they most likely have them. I would link some below, but there are literally so many that I could never choose.

Do you have an “adult coloring book”? Which one? Is it amazing? What types of things do you use to color with (colored pencils, pens, markers, etc.)? Have you heard about the big craze for these coloring  books yet?


5 thoughts on “Bookish Gift Guide {3} Adult Coloring Books

    • Thank you! I just believe that it is important to go against the grain and not conform to the standards of the government operated school systems/ life, but to be your own person and to think for yourself. (I’m only slightly kidding) 🙂 HAha

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