Bookish Goals for 2016

I don’t like making resolutions. I feel like the only purpose of a resolution is to break it. Comment down below if you have ever followed through all year with a resolution. Congrats to you if you have, but I’m not that dedicated. So instead, I’m going to make a few small goals that (hopefully) I can stick to. (Don’t tell me it’s the same thing… I’m trying to trick myself.)

Blog Goals

  • We all have our days where it’s too busy and we can’t get a post up, but I want to (try to) start posting 3-4 times a week. I don’t want to worry about specific days because all that will happen is I will miss a couple days and feel bad, so I just want to try to start posting 3-4 times a week.


  • Never post any “filler posts”. By this I mean those posts that are mostly for the sake of posting. Not that updates and graphic posts are bad every once in a while (especially when done right), but I want to try to stay away from it. If it’s not fantastic content, don’t post it. This year I hope to focus more on making amazing stuff instead of lots of posts. Quality over quantity.


  • This year I want to be much more active on Goodreads and Twitter. I do use twitter quite a bit (mostly to rant or freak out, etc.), but I have really wanted to start using goodreads a lot more. The problem is, I’m not 100% sure how it works. I know you can add friends (if you have a goodreads, please leave it below and I’ll friend you), and I know it keeps track of all the books you read (I have previously done this by google doc). I am starting to figure it out, but may need a little help. I hope to become a frequent of both Goodreads and Twitter, and am on my way to conquering them both. My twitter: @aubreysbooknook // My Goodreads: Aubrey’s BookNook.


  • Stay connected to other bloggers. One of my favorite things about blogging is the community and all of the wonderful people I get to have conversations with. I want to keep this up because it’s part of the reason I started blogging and I don’t want to lose that.


  • Try to spend time everyday either making posts, or connecting with other bloggers. I tend to blog in spurts. By this I mean I won’t go on for a day or two, and then I will be doing “blogging stuff” for 4 hours. I want to be more consistent and spend a little time everyday.


  • I want to spend more time making awesome graphics and making my blog super aesthetically awesome.


  • I want to read and review more.

Reading Goals

  • I want to read 100 books.


  • I want to write more reviews.


  • I want to update about what I’m reading more on Goodreads and Twitter.


Thank you to everyone for supporting me and my little blog. I love talking about books with all of you! What are your blogging/bookish/overall goals for 2016? Please leave your goodreads and twitter usernames below!


23 thoughts on “Bookish Goals for 2016

  1. In 2012 my new years resolution was to start to read one book a week. Before that I hardly ever read. I went from reading practically never to forcing myself to constantly read. I am now an avid reader and have no problem finishing more than a book a week. In 2014 I read 81 books and in 2015 I have read 63.

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  2. These sound like great goals to have! I’m trying to make some up for the new year as well. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to post every day of the week (Mon-Fri) and I think I need to limit myself as well.

    I love the Goodreads book challenge, I have surpassed mine two years in a row- somehow haha. This years goal was 95, (because I thought I would have less time with a job), but I read more than last year, currently at 142 books. Last year I read 105, with a goal of 100.

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  3. Good luck with your goals Aubrey! I want to post quality content too and am trying to keep in mind I don’t have to do what every other blogger is doing just for the sake of it – always something hard to remember! Happy 2016 🙂

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