Slowing Down

If you’ve been around the blogging community for very long, you have probably heard of blogging burn outs or reading slumps. Right now, I am on the brink of both. I have been reading Queen of Shadows, and absolutely adore it, but realized yesterday that I have a review book that I need to read and review BY TODAY! It’s really stressful and I hate reading just because I am being forced to, but I will try to enjoy it as well as I can.

I don’t want this to happen again–get caught up in a book world and then be forced to stop to read a book I HAVE to read. So, I am stepping back. To breathe. I probably won’t do any more review books for a while because I need to get through the books I already own and all of the e-books that I have been sent and REALLY need to read and review.

I also don’t want to get burnt out on blogging.ย I’m not going to take a break from blogging, but I might slow down a bit. There might not be quite as many posts the next week (who am I kidding, there probably will be. I can’t stay away). I really just needed to voice all of my anxiety, and to know that lots of you have probably been through the same thing.

Thanks for being the best interwebbers I know!

Have you ever been stressed out by the pressure to read review copies? Have you ever gotten burnt out on blogging?


12 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  1. It’s great that you want to take a break! It’d be terrible if you’re forcing yourself to do something that you’re supposed to be doing with love and enjoyment. So don’t force yourself! I’ve been there too and it feels horrible.

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  2. I recently went through a burn-out like this- it was horrible! My advice is that you shouldn’t force yourself, because you’ll always read and write so much better when you’re doing it for entertainment. I totally get what you mean about finishing ARCs on time, but remember that it is a huge privilege for the authors and publishers to have you read and request books, and that they’ll totally understand if you don’t get it done on time. They appreciate bloggers like you so much, so try not to get to worked up about it! If you know you won’t get a review done in time, just be sure to send them a polite email, and they’ll almost surely be completely fine with it!

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  3. I understand you completely. I had three ebooks to review, two of which are done and out of the way, and I hate feeling that I HAVE to read a book. Especially when I ed up forcing myself through it. Ebooks just tend to be more difficult for me to read/enjoy.

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