6 Months of Aubrey’s Book Nook!

July 17th, 2015 I posted my very first blog post. I had launched and was so excited for everything I had planned. I went through a lot before I started Aubrey’s Book Nook. I created a logo, I (randomly) chose a launch date, and I sat down with a media specialist friend who walked me through everything I would need to do before I started (thank you so much Nikki for all of your help). I never knew I would end up having so much fun or making so many friends and I am super psyched for all of the months/years/life to come.



I read because I love learning without knowing it, escaping from reality, and going on adventures to travel to places I wouldn’t normally be able to go.


Reading is a passion. It allows me to enter into a world of my own, away from the troubles of everyday life. Words can inspire, create, motivate, and entertain. I love to read, and I enjoy writing as well. They feed into each other.


I don’t write to become famous. I don’t write for money. I write because I adore how books can change the world; how words can change the world. I write for myself first. Other people come second. I have something to say and would love to share it with the world. Not everyone will agree with me, and I am completely okay with that. I am my own person, and have my own opinions.


If I don’t have something to stand up for, then am I my own person? The only thing I got out of Heart of Darkness was that. At the end of the day, if you don’t have anything to say, was your life worth it?

Why I Blog

I have gone through (like every blogger) different reasons for why I blog. I am ashamed of some, and stand by others, but I have gone through it. The two most important things I blog for are myself and the community of other blogging friends (I love you guys). Thanks for always being willing to talk about books with me, and for being such wonderfully bookish amazing writerly friends.



The very first reason and probably the most important reason I started blogging was for myself. I love books, and blogging about them is a way to be able to endlessly fangirl with people who are just as crazy awesome as me. It is also a way for me to become a better writer. I have always loved reading, but I haven’t done much writing, and I feel like I have improved so much in just 6 measly months. Right now, I’m not sure I want to become a writer–I don’t think I have the patience, but I do know I want to do something in the book world (publishing, editing, etc.). Ask any writer how to become better, and they will say write a little everyday. Practice makes perfect, right? Not exactly. I still struggle every day with spelling and grammar, and it’s very difficult to put what I am thinking into words sometimes (which explains all of the incoherent mumblings that seem like a 2 year old probably wrote).


The Blogging Community

(This is different than writing FOR other bloggers. More like for the bookish interweb friends I have made)

I also started blogging to be surrounded by other (Insane? Nerdy? Awesome!) people like me. I wanted to have conversations about books with people who knew what they were talking about. I wanted to make interweb friends with people who were as into books as I am.

Followers are Just a Number

This is a note I had made to myself in a google doc, and I really believe it. “Followers are just a number. Since when did the amount of followers a person has on instagram or facebook or twitter decide how popular a person is or how many friends a person has. I for one would rather have genuine and real friends than someone who is capable of tapping a phone screen. The amount of likes a person gets means nothing. Stop obsessing over lost instagram followers and worry about things that matter, or even better don’t worry at all. Worrying is a sin and all worries should be given to God, but if you have to worry, don’t even waste the moments it takes to think about a stupid number… That’s all…“ Thank you all so much for being so supportive! I am so grateful for all of the conversations and discussions I have had with you all. Thank you for being some of the best book people ever! I appreciate you all so much and am so grateful for our conversations. I am hear to actually talk about books with a bunch of book loving friends, not to have a large following on my blog. 


One of the first rules I set up for myself when I started was: Don’t ever force yourself to write anything because it will reflect in your work. That is probably why my posts are so random, I don’t have a super set schedule, and there are always SO many spelling/grammar mistakes in my posts. I’m okay with that because I love this whole blogging thing and I think it shows.
Thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey through my thoughts and opinions about books and life. I cherish each and every conversation I have with you all, and can’t wait for the many more to come. Thanks for being the best blogging community out there.

Let’s chat: I can’t say it enough, but THANK YOU! Any advice for my young blogging self? How long have you been blogging? Why do you blog? 


12 thoughts on “6 Months of Aubrey’s Book Nook!

  1. First and foremost, congrats! Blogging is no easy feat, and though we’ve been doing it for 3 years, we’ve only just begun to make blogging friends, join blogging chats, and become a lot more involved in the community in 2015! Great post! Thank you for sharing 😊

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