Review: Art Students League Of New York On Painting


I had told myself I wouldn’t review any more books until I had gotten through a lot of my books I already own and need to read, but I saw this art book and thought hey, I’m not very artsy, but maybe it can help me to master the artfulness of the world. I expected it to be more on tutorials and how to art (draw), instead of PAGES of boring text and who knows what else. 

I picked it up thinking it would be tutorials and teaching. Instead it is PAGES UPON PAGES of text with some pictures. BUT, there are quite a few inappropriate paintings in this book. OUT OF ALL THE THINGS YOU COULD PAINT… WHY? NO. I am very disappointed because I was hoping to learn something, not just have a collection of interviews. *sigh*. Alas, I am still as un-artsy as always.

This would probably be a great book for any serious art students who already know something about art and are willing to read all 294 large pages of this book, but it wasn’t for me.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review.



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