The Love Tag

I was tagged by Bookidote to do this tag (they also created it). Check out the original post here. Due to a lack of time, I have had to cut out a few of the questions, so I apologize for that, but I still had fun doing this tag.

love tag

Books Other People Love But You Haven’t Gotten Around to Read

Sadly this list is pretty extensive. To name a few sitting on my shelf currently that I promise I will get to soon:

A Book That You Love But No One Else Talks About

THE REST OF THE GIVER SERIES! Sure, everyone has read The Giver, but how about the other three? Raise your hand if you have. Hmmph. THAT’S what I thought. (If you have, gold star for you! Let’s be besties.) THEY COMPLETE EACH OTHER. REAADDD THEMMM!

Stand Alone Book You Love

I don’t read very many stand-alones. It is actually very rare and I don’t know why. Here’s a few. If you know of good stand-alones please suggest them in the comments.

Favorite Book Couple

This is really hard… REALLY REALLY HARD. I would have to say Wessa (Will Herondale & Tessa Gray from The Infernal Devices) & Percabeth (Percy & Annabeth from PJO)!



annabeth chase


Series That You Love

So. Many.


If you would like to do it, go for it. Let me know in the comments. You are officially tagged.


20 thoughts on “The Love Tag

  1. Omgg that series of The Giver..GUILTY HERE 😅🙈🙈 I read the first one only LOL. Yayy we have a lot of book in common for the ones everybody loves but not getting around to read it HAH Love your answers !:D

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  2. AHHHHH I LOVE THE GIVER SERIES!! I HAVE READ IT!! MEEEEE. And I agree, all the books are fantastic and one must read them ALL to properly appreciate the story. *nods* Also I love so many of the series you mentioned. Endless adoration of Riordan and Marissa Meyer and Cassandra Clare and fajdflkads basically YES TO THIS POST.

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    • REALLY?!? YESSSS! You are the only person (besides myself) who has read them all (it seems). RIGHT? No one else UNDERSTANDS. Yes yes yes yes to Riordan, Meyer, & Clare. They are life. Haha 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Cait!


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