[Tag] Deserted Island

I know I just posted a tag Tuesday, but I am in a tag-gy mood, so here is another one. I was sorta tagged by Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books (not directly, but she tagged everyone, so here I am).


A book you simply cannot live without.

Harry Potter.


A book that is a close second on your favorites list.


New favorite. AHHH!


A book that makes you feel at home and safe.

Percy Jackson.

Flare Gun:

A book you would recommend to someone who doesn’t read.

I feel like everyone can/has read these and enjoyed (to a certain extent) them.


A book that warms your heart.


Or really any contemporary.


A book that directed you towards your love of reading.

Anything Haddix. I also read a lot of magic tree house, and mystery books all those years ago.


Cait @ Paper Fury // Josephine @ Word Revel // Rachel, Julia, & Mishma @ A Perfection Called Books // Alexandra @ Twirling Pages // Ingrid-Lee @ Book Lover Lee

& YOU! If you would like to do this tag, go for it! Let me know in the comments, and I can add you officially above, or you can just do it.


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