[Blogging Extravaganza] random facts about yours truly

I love getting to know other bloggers, so I figured I would do this so you can get to know me a little better. Here is a bunch of random facts that I bundled together into a crazy and incoherent post.

I had written a “25 facts about me” post a few weeks ago (what this post started out as), and scheduled it, but then I started the Blogging Extravaganza, and the first day was “an interview with yourself”, so I decided to combine them.

Blogging Extravaganza

an interview with yourself

Okay, this is kinda weird, right, but it should be fun to get to know you better by telling you more about me. Let me know in comments if we have any similarities or common interests.


Duh. I eat breath and sleep them.

I have always loved reading, but what really started my (obsession) love for books was Margaret Peterson Haddix’s writing. I absolutely adore(d) everything she writes. I need to reread some of my favorites from my childhood, but I am afraid that it will ruin the magic and not be as good. Also Magic Tree House.

Favorite Genre?

Fantasy all the way. But I love anything fiction and sometimes nonfiction. I inhale contemporaries over summer, but don’t tend to read them much otherwise.

Series or Stand-Alones?

Series. I just love the completeness of them. Everything can be 1000x more developed. I like to marathon series, because who wants to wait for the next one.

Words & Writing

I love using big words. I like to speak eloquently especially around adults who may not have any idea what the magical vocabulary I use means.

I love quotes, and can’t read books without a pen and little piece of paper or post-its, so that I can write down all the quotes that I find and love.

I am currently writing a book, but until this year I didn’t like writing much.

I like to write in fancy letters and try to make my handwriting look nice.

Music & Theatre

I love music. Listening, singing, playing. I am in two bands at my church, and I play ukulele, and am learning bass guitar. In the past, I have played piano, and clarinet too, but I don’t remember anymore. I love to sing as well.

I am a drama student and I love being in plays. I haven’t done any in a while, but I am still taking the class.

I listen to a lot of A Cappella, showtunes, and disney music. PTX is my favorite currently.


Food is a wonderful thing. I am a teenage girl, so of course I love food. Chocolate, any fruit, and pizza are the best.

I eat way too much chocolate (haha, just kidding no such thing as too much). I have an obsession with ice cream and fro yo (which are basically the same thing, but I feel slightly healthier when I eat froyo).

I used to store small amounts of food at a time in my room in preparation for the times when my parents threatened that I would have to go to bed with no dinner. I never actually had to, but every time they would threaten it, I would think “ha! I have a bunch of candy, goldfish, and other favorite snacks in my room, so good try with punishing me!”

I hate cooking because I am not patient. At the same time I love baking and making smoothies and breakfast and noodles (don’t tell me it’s a contradiction because it clearly isn’t).


I am terrified of spiders and check my shoes for them every day.


I am 5’1″ (5’2″ if I’m being generous). So yes, the weather is lovely down here.


I am a junior in High School.

I work really hard in school because I feel like it is the only thing I am good at. (Sometimes I work too hard, though and end up not sleeping).

Extrovert or Introvert?

I’m VERY extroverted. People give me energy and I love to hang out with my friends and have parties.


I adore snow! (“The cold never bothered me anyway”)

Mornings or Nights?

I used to be a night owl, but something changed this year, and now I love mornings. I feel like if I sleep in past 8 I am wasting my day.


I am very competitive (against myself and other people).


I did gymnastics for 4 years and absolutely adored it, but had to quit.

I played a lot of sports in the past (not anymore) including basketball, baseball (yes, baseball not softball), and gymnastics.

Procrastinating Perfectionist

Procrastination Station!

I am a perfectionist and am slightly OCD. (My books are in alphabetical order, my closet is color coordinated, I always take gum out of the pack in a specific order.)


I do Zumba with my friends every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 5:30-6:30 because I enjoy torture.

I love to be healthy and workout not because of the way it might make me look but because I love the way it feels.


Now I challenge you. Not to 25, because that was ridiculously hard, but leave 5 facts about yourself in the comments (or if you are brave make your own post of 25 and let me know).

Love, Aubrey




2 thoughts on “[Blogging Extravaganza] random facts about yours truly

  1. Love posts like these! I love getting to know bloggers better 🙂 Yay for procrastination and perfectionism (they go hand-in-hand so nicely, don’t they?). But yes to food, also. *works extra hours to pay for more food* Also, that’s awesome that you’re a drama student. I was in high school as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right? I was really nervous to make one myself, but I love getting to know other bloggers. Yes they go together perfectly, and only make me die a little. FOOD! Sweet! Drama students unite! Thanks for stopping by, Emily!


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