Pixar Book Tag

I made this post for the Blogging Extravaganza and it was so much fun. I decided to do The Pixar Tag by Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales.

Favorite Pixar movie?

Only one? There are so many I love (Up, Cars, Monsters Inc, etc.) But I think Brave is my favorite. Merida is just such a strong female character and I love her. Also, the hair struggle is real.


Toy Story: favorite childhood book you never grew out of?

Umm? I’m still a child, so this is really hard. Can I say Harry Potter even though I read those freshman year of high school? I know that I will never grow out of them.

Hogwarts is home.

A Bug’s Life: a book that felt too similar to another popular book.



The Hunger Games and Divergent certainly had their similarities.

Monsters Inc.: a villain whom you couldn’t hate.

I will have to agree with Mishma on Warner. I just love him.

ignite me

Finding Nemo: best family relationship you read about in a book


The Weasleys are family goals, let’s be honest. Except Percy, no one likes Percy.

The Incredibles: a superpower from a character you wish you had

scarlet witch.gif

Not from a book, but Scarlet Witch is pretty amazing. Who else can’t wait for Winter Soldier? AHHH!

Cars: a book where the characters go on a road trip or travel a lot


Ratatouille: your favorite sidekick in a book

shatter me

Kenji Kishimoto is my favorite ever.

Wall-E: top 5 dystopia books

I am referring to the full series in each of these.

Up: the most beautiful love story you’ve ever read


The love that Jonas shows for Gabe in The Giver is gorgeous because it is love when Jonas has never truly been loved himself.

Brave: the most BA heroine you’ve read about

I made a post about this a few days ago {strong women in fiction}. I think my number one would be Hermione because she is just all around strong and honestly Harry and Ron would be dead without her.

Inside Out: the book that gave you all “the feels”


You knew it was coming. Just look at them. GAH!

Tag, you’re it!

If you would like to do it, go for it. This tag is a bit older, so I am not sure who has done it or not. Let me know in the comments if you would like to do it.

Love, Aubrey


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