[life update] in which i list excuses & share all the crazinesses of life

Hey all!

So remember that time I said I had accidentally taken a blogging hiatus & was back? {read here} he he he. Well, that didn’t work out.

Basically what happened was I wasn’t ready to come back. I tried to force it, but I wasn’t excited about being back. and that is AWFUL! I never want that to ever happen again.

Now I actually am excited to be back (I just wrote 3 posts out of nowhere). So, hopefully I actually am this time. I’ve missed you all.


basically I am superman and have been trying to do EVERYTHING and am only now learning the meaning of the word “no”.


I am a junior in High School (does anyone relate to the PAIN?). Basically, I have been dealing with standardized tests (SAT & ACT), AP test studying, and turning in my first scholarship for collage (eek!) That mixed with millions of hours of homework a night (“how do you do millions of hours of homework?” You ask. “I’m superman, remember?“)


This goes along with the whole “I can’t say no” thing. I am a part of two bands at my church, am in two community service clubs at school, and do loads of volunteer work. A few weeks ago I was home for less than an hour one day because I had SO MUCH going on. Oh also, I tried out an internship, but had to turn it down because my life is crazy enough as it is.


Basically sometimes I try to have a social life… is this so bad?


I haven’t been in a super bloggy mood, but I also haven’t been reading as much as normal (mostly because of my CRAZY amount of homework).

Screenshot (84)

So, I’m not super psyched about this, but I am not worried either because I know I will make it up over summer (when I won’t have *as* much of a life, but will hide in my room a lot).


GUYS GUYS GUYS! I reached 6,500 words the other day. That may not seem like much to you more experienced folk, but this is my first ever WIP and the first time I have ever really enjoyed writing and I AM EXCITED.

What is it about? (this is the part where I pretend like you care. WHO AM I KIDDING? maybe you do!) Okay, so basically it is a mix between time travel and teleportation because time travel is too messy, but I WANT TO GO PLACES. Certain characters Travel without trying to and STUFF HAPPENS! (I promise it makes sense in the actual story).


So how about you? What have I missed? Anything AWESOME happen lately? let me know in comments.

Love, Aubrey


9 thoughts on “[life update] in which i list excuses & share all the crazinesses of life

  1. Seems like life has been quite buay for you! I totally get what you mean, sometimes my Goodreads challenge is so far behind because I just have too many things going around with school and socializing and all that! Hope you can still have time to relax and do things you have fun with, though! 😁

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  2. Woah you are doing all that AND STILL FINDING TIME TO WRITE!??!?! You deserve like 9 cakes. Truly. NINE OF THEM. I would be a mess if I was that busy. xD Eeeep! I hope you can keep it up and don’t get too tired. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not as much as I would like, but somewhat… 9 CAKES? Oh my goodness that is so exciting (I can feel the sickness and pure joy coming already). I am a mess, but that may just be because HS is crazy. Thanks, Cait! 🙂


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