[Review] devastated but in love ME BEFORE YOU BY JOJO MOYES


Even before the trailer came out, I knew I wanted to read this book. Then I saw the trailer and the sappiness and Louisa’s wonderfully quirky character and knew this would be a great book when I got in the mood. I let it sit on the shelf for a bit because I already know it is gonna make me cry, but then I finally decided to pick it up during final exam week.


(About 150 pages in, I wrote this down and I feel like it is a great representation of how this book makes me feel:) It is so raw and lovely. I honestly forgot to take any notes for the first half of the book. I flew through it and don’t want to put it down. I feel like I am locked in and am going to be destroyed by this book. I can feel the sadness coming and am not prepared.

i liked...

  • Louisa is quirky & lovable.
  • Will’s character is at first incorrigible, but then he comes out as a dry but sarcastically witty and raw character. “Only you, Will Traynor, could tell a woman how to wear a bloody dress.” (161)
  • Lou and Will separately are… very interesting people, but together they are SO FUNNY AND AMAZING GAH!
  • The story is heart wrenching and hurts to think about suicide like this. It is so easy to become desensitized in the world we live in to all of the wrongs that happen to humans. It is why when animals are tortured or attacked it has a larger impact on people than when people are tortured. It’s sad but true. 


i didn't like...

  • Patrick. He just never cared for Lou and she always deserved so much better. He is such scum, but I know I am supposed to hate him. 😦


One of the best feelings ever is when I am reading a book and all of a sudden something clicks and I think ‘This is it. I am too far gone. There is no recovering from this.’ That is the moment when I know books have the power to change people, ideas, mindsets. That’s when you know you have found a good book. By page 130 I already knew Me Before You would be my demise. I could feel it coming. (Yes I say this about every good book I read. That’s the appeal. If a book doesn’t make a person think or destroy them in one way or another, it isn’t doing it’s job.)

My favorite quote was: “I felt the music like a physical thing; it didn’t just sit in my ears, it flowed through me, around me, made my senses vibrate. It made my skin prickle and my palms dampen. Will hadn’t described any of it like this. I had thought I might be bored. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard.” (164) because music is such a powerfully wonderful thing and I love that Lou was finally ‘feeling the music’.

Me Before You left me devastated. I cried harder than I have over a book in a long time, but the thing is they weren’t all sad tears. I’m pissed. I was so mad at by the end of the book just because of the harshness of it all. I’m glad for Lou’s character development, but still TEARS.

I would give Me Before You 4/5 stars because… well just read my review above.

4 stars


Love, Aubrey


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