[Discussion Sunday] do you read the book before or after the movie?

First off: is anyone else obsessed with Hamilton? Because I just started listening and am hooked. I have joined the revolution…

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means DISCUSSION SUNDAY brought to you by yours truly. Discussion Sunday is a Sunday in which I decide to… well… discuss with you lovely people.

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I feel like it depends on the person, but I always like to read books before I go to see movies. There is something about knowing all the secrets of the world and characters and actually understanding them that adds to the entire experience. I feel like I get so much more out of reading the book first because I know what is going to happen.

My dad always says that I am really critical of movies and “wouldn’t it be better just to see them first,” but the thing is that is a part of the fun. It is a lot of fun to be able to compare movies and books and to really pick out the favorite parts of each.

The few times I have seen a movie first, it has generally not been as rich of an experience.

  • It takes away some of my creativity and decisions while reading. I don’t get to imagine the characters and what they do how I want, but instead imagine it the way the director of the movie decided to.
  • It spoils the book. Movies are generally more basic than books and so it makes it to where I know the general plot and ending and have gotten a taste of the characters. This spoils the fun of discovering everything.
  • I subconsciously am looking for everything that happened in the movie to happen in the book and may end up missing parts.
  • I realize how much they left out of the movie and realize after I finish the book that I need to see the movie again (which isn’t necessarily bad, but everything is just easier and more rich when I read the book before seeing the movie.)

Generally books are better, but there have been a few movies that have been better than their book.

movies that were better than the book


movies that were nothing like the book


Let’s discuss: What do you think? Would you rather read the book or see the movie first? Do they influence each other? Please discuss, argue (in a respectful manner), or agree with me in whatever way you would like. This is a discussion after all, so I would love to hear your opinions on the matter. (Also, do you like my new Discussion Sunday graphic?)

Love, Aubrey



17 thoughts on “[Discussion Sunday] do you read the book before or after the movie?

  1. Books first! You have some good points, and I agree w/ them. I don’t have much to add except that reading the book first (on which usually movies are based on, and not the other way around) is also in a way, a resoect to the author’s hard work. We should check out the original first, to see all that they have to say.

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  2. I don’t really mind what I do first. I could watch a movie and still read the book no matter how terrible the movies was. Or I’d read a book and loved it, then I’d watch the movie. Or if the book was terrible but the movie trailer looked awesome, I’d still check the movie out.

    I guess, what I’m saying is movie adaptations don’t change my mind of whether or not I’ll read a book. I think the only factor in movies that I add to my choices of whether I’ll read the book is the plot of the movie. Like, “A demigod on a mission” or “People stuck in a maze.” If the overall plot sounds interesting, then I’ll definitely still check the book even if the movie was terrible. 🙂

    Great post, Aubrey!

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    • Good point! I saw the Percy Jackson movies first and thought they were good and then read the books later and realized how different they were from the movie, I still enjoy both but I think they should be regarded separately since they are so different… Thank you and thanks for stopping by, Mara!


  3. I usually prefer to read the book before the movie, but sometimes I realize after that there was a book haha (I should just assume all movies come from books, seriously!).
    This was what my thesis paper was on in university, comparing the two mediums, because they are completely different.

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  4. OMG THE PERCY JACKSON MOVIES I’M CRINGING. They are so different from the books – it’s really disappointing because it’s the kind of series that would look great on screen. 😦

    But I personally always read the book before the movie, just so I get the full story behind the adaptation since so much of the book is cut when it’s turned in to a movie. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous discussion! ❤

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  5. I prefer to read the book first. Sometimes though I look on going to see the movie as a way to still experience a series I’ve otherwise given up on reading.

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