[mini Movie Review] sam claflin AND emilia clarke? ME BEFORE YOU

So, the book was great… well, until the end in which I have extremely complex and mixed feelings. It tore me apart, but if it had ended any other way, it would just be another Nicholas Sparks book. Read my full review here.

The movie, however, was good but not great. Overall, it was just less. Of course the movie would be less content and probably less quality than the book, but I just felt that overall it didn’t make me feel as much (although I do admit I shed a tear).

Louisa was portrayed to a t which I was really happy for since she was what carried most of the book for me. The actors were just overall fantastic and did a really good job of portraying ALL THE FEELS. Emilia Clarke did such a FANTASTIC job of portraying Lou. I just can’t put into words how perfect she was. The clothing was great to see in real life and in an interview I watched I learned that Emilia actually helped to put some of that together (AGAIN LOOK HOW PERFECT).

I felt that some of the plot was lacking. I know that some parts had to be cut out to fit it into the time needed for the movie, but I just felt like it didn’t cause as many emotions as the book did. The ending didn’t seem quite as devastating because they took out some important scenes that really showed how much Lou and Will actually meant to each other, and so it didn’t seem… the same. (I really don’t know how to convey what I am trying to say, but I hope you understand me.)

I thought it was incredibly cute and I would watch it again when it comes out on DVD.

Let’s talk: What did you think? Do you agree with me on any of this?


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