[Top Ten Tuesday] why i dnf books/what makes them intimidating

I’m linking up with The Broke and the Bookish today for an old TTT ‘Most Intimidating Books’ modified to ‘What Makes Books Intimidating’


Without further ado,

what makes books intimidating to read


Most of the time this is the reason. The book just seems too big and it feels like I will never get through it all.

Not in the Mood

I am a very moody reader, and so if I am trying to read when I am not in the mood for that particular book I won’t be able to and might fall into the reading slump hole.


This goes along with the mood one, but if I am in the middle of my favorite tv show and have been doing a million other things, I am not going to want to read and then it will sit on my shelf and it will stress me out because AM I EVER GOING TO GET TO READ X BOOK?

Bad Reviews

Maybe I bought the book thinking it would be interesting and then other people’s opinions make me think twice about reading this. I hate it when this happens because other people’s opinions shouldn’t decide whether or not I read the book.

I’ve tried to read it before and couldn’t get into it.

This has happened to me so many times for the circle series by Ted Dekker. I want to read it SO BADLY, but I cannot whatever I do finish it. I’ve read the first book 3 times and the second 2 times in an attempt to actually read it and it just isn’t working. I can’t get into them.

Slow Pace

I like for books to be at a nice pace from the start and if they aren’t then I won’t read them.

Bad Grammar

Spelling and grammatical errors drive me crazy. They make me question the legitimacy of the book.

The Movie Was Better

Before you freak out, know that I almost always read the book before the movie [read discussion on that here], but there have been times when I haven’t been able to get into the book and so I watched the movie (The Maze Runner) or I didn’t even know there was a book at the time I saw the movie and when I went back to read the book it was too slow (The Princess Bride).


So this turned into more of a ‘why I dnf books’ post instead, but oh well. That’s only 8 so please leave in the comments two more reasons you have for not finishing books or why you find them intimidating. Feel free to link your TTT in the comments.

Love, Aubrey





26 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] why i dnf books/what makes them intimidating

  1. I really only DNF books that are so bad I can’t power through (which is rare) or when I get distracted and forget about a book. I don’t usually consider that a DNF, though. I don’t review it on goodreads or anything, I just remind myself to go back and finish it. I don’t usually, but I try to.

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  2. Size is a pretty big reason that decides if I’m going to pick something up as well (though if if I was already a couple hundred pages deep, I’d probably just commit). The problem for me is the internal debate on whether or not to read 2-3 books equally 1k pages or 1 behemoth of a book haha. I read pretty slow enough as it is but to have to churn out “regular” reviews — makes the choice difficult sometimes.

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.

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    • Yeah, I hear ya. I am reading Winter right now and even though I have flown through it and really enjoy it, I was a little scared to read it at first because it is 800+ pages. I decided a while back that it is completely okay to not review every book I read, and I decided I wasn’t going to read in order to write reviews. I think that mindset has helped me to enjoy any reading I have to do more. Thanks for stopping by, Joey! 🙂


  3. I can relate with this post SO BAD. There’s this one book I keep putting off – The Book Thief – because of distractions and I was not in the mood… though I gotta say that the hype intimidated me as well as the OVERWHELMINGLY good reviews. I’m just scared it’s going to let me down.

    Here’s my TTT.

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  4. I agree with a lot of these points! I just started reading Lady Midnight the other day & the size of that book made me cringe because it’s so thick. It’s really hard to carry around a novel that size too. Plus your distractions point is exactly how I felt when I first bought Lady Midnight… in April. I would have so many other things to do & read that it would stay my bookshelf mocking me 😛
    I try my damn hardest to always finish a book, I don’t think I haven’t finished one, even if the grammar is bad, or it’s too slow (I’ve had a few of those!)

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    • I just finished Winter today and it was 827 pages but it was so worth it and the pacing was actually really fast. I feel like pace is everything with big books. I relate so much AHH! I have DNF’d a few books because I feel like if I cannot get into them and can’t finish for whatever reason then there are a lot of other books that I could be reading, ya know? I always give them a fair chance, though. Thanks for stopping by, Meghan!

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  5. I agree with all of the points you listed. I don’t finish book mostly because I’m not into them and I don’t like them and reading them is basically torture. That’s how bad the book has to be. Annoying characters are turn off for me definitely. Also, bad reviews can be discouraging but I also have problem when people rave about certain book too much. I get nervous around books that have a lot of hype because what if I’m not going to like them?! 😀

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    • Yeah. I actually will sometimes not read a book for a while if there is a ton of hype because I know I might be disappointed. I don’t generally like to know *too* much about what everyone else thinks about a book before I read it for that reason. Thanks for stopping by, Simone!


  6. I remember how long it took me to read the TMI series mainly because it was so thick. >.< The size is definitely one of the things that makes a book intimidating. Oh and slow pacing as well! Negative reviews don't persuade me though. I still try a book even with the negative reviews because there's surely still a chance that I'll come to like it despite other people's thoughts. 🙂 Great list, Aubrey!

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    • Yeah. Generally I just don’t like to see reviews at all. Especially if they are really good because when there is a lot of hype around a book and then I don’t like it as much it makes it seem worse than it was. Thanks for stopping by, Mara!


  7. Oh this is a great topic! 🙂 I rarely DNF books, mainly because I almost buy all of my books and it makes me sad to read a book only half-way since I paid for it. But bad reviews, and generally the hype, really sets my expectations very high, or low, on a book. sometimes I really want to DNF a book because of a slow start, but I’m scared that if I don’t stick with it, I might miss out on something great.

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