[TTT] (top five) favorite places to read

Here is another old ttt because I like it better than this weeks at The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s is ‘favorite places to read’.


top five favorite places to read

in silence

When I read it has to be super quiet because I have a very small attention span and get distracted very easily.

fuf chair

I have this memory foam bean bag looking chair thing that is the most comfy thing in the world.


I love reading with the sun on my face and the birds annoyingly chirping (see favorite place #1)

ocean or poolside

I love reading a good contemporary right by the pool or ocean and hearing the relaxing sounds of the waves. {beachy contemporary reads for summer}

in bed

I read before I go to sleep every night because it calms my mind down and makes me fall asleep faster.


Where do you read?

Love, Aubrey


19 thoughts on “[TTT] (top five) favorite places to read

    • Yeah! I feel like for me it is a hit or miss because sometimes it is really uncomfortable when I can’t see the book well enough. That might just be because I have a loft bed, though. Thanks for stopping by, Melanie!

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  1. Love this! So I read in bed almost exclusively. Mostly because it guarantees that “silence” part of it hahah. That chair sounds amazing though! And I would LOOOOOVE to read by the water- I just never seem to have an opportunity to do so! Great post, I like that you chose an old topic!!

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    • The only thing I don’t like about reading in bed is that it can sometimes be uncomfortable. Me either. I live 7 hours from the nearest ocean, but I still just love it every time I get to. Thank you and thanks for stopping by, Shannon!


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