[TTT] characters you would want as family members

I just haven’t really liked the prompts lately so another old ttt link up with The Broke and the Bookish.


characters you would want as family members

fred and george weasley

from Harry Potter

Duh. They would be annoying at times because they have all of the cool gear to pick on you with, but at the same time THEY HAVE ALL OF THE GEAR TO PICK ON ANYONE *cough* umbridge *cough* that scumbag.




from The Lunar Chronicles

She is just so excited about everything and such a good friend to Cinder when she didn’t have any. Her sarcasm is perfection even though she is an android and just the banter she has with Thorne and her fangirling over Kai is AHHH!


from the 5th Wave

He’s just adorable (and would probably get annoying, but I feel like I would still be a very protective sibling).

poppet and widget

from the Night Circus

They are so adventurous and always seem to have a good time and have POWERS, so…

pine sap

from Tiger Lily

He is so kind and tiny and sweet. He also deeply cares for the people he loves.


from Winter

AHH! THIS GIRL. I’m currently reading Winter and just every thing she does is… well, crazy. AND I LOVE IT. Although, I agree with Scarlet that she may not be as crazy as she wants everyone to think she is. I LOVE HER CHARACTER! also that she doesn’t use her lunar gift and that is why she is crazy is really admirable and courageous.


from The Hunger Games

If she volunteered for The Hunger Games, she will probably volunteer to do all my homework, right?



from The Giver

He is probably the most loving and caring person and he has never felt love himself. He also protected a little child while traveling a great distance and saved a bunch of people while he was at it.


Who would you want in your family if you could choose any character? How is your summer going? Anything exciting? Read anything awesome? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Aubrey


17 thoughts on “[TTT] characters you would want as family members

  1. I love your picks! The Weasley twins would be great family members. You could use all their gear to annoy people who need it most. Katniss would be a great family member! She would be kind and might help you with your homework 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ya know, I thought about that too because as much as it would be fun to play pranks with them, I can only imagine what all they would do to me and also guilty by association so I would probably get in trouble too. However, I do think they are hilarious characters and it would certainly be entertaining (plus, THE PRANKS *on other people*) Thanks for stopping by, Joey!


    • YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO! Scarlet was actually my least favorite, tbh. Cress & Winter are the best, and I think I actually like Winter a little more. I hope you get to them soon. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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