top 5 ways i have changed since I started blogging

I started blogging on the 17th of July in 2015, and so with my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY COMING UP I figured it was a good time to reflect.


Okay, so I don’t mean personally (although I am sure I have changed some in that way too).

I used to be worried about coming off as too enthusiastic and crazy

(which I am, but I was afraid of being kicked out of this nice little community I was slowly joining.)

I felt like everyone was older or more experienced and that no one would want to read what I have to say or have amazingly crazy fangirly discussions with me.

Now I know that it is a community of fangirls (or boys) who have joined together in the craziness AND I LOVE IT!

I used to be shy about comments

I was afraid of ever hurting anyone’s feelings (and thus afraid to disagree with people.)

This, however, went away VERY quickly because as my friends and family point out on the daily I am super blunt and bold and lovveee to disagree with people (clearly not just for the sake of disagreeing, but because I like to have meaningful discussions and like to back up what I believe.)

I’m an expert

or I at least think I am.

Does anyone else go into libraries or bookstores and suggest books for people or help them out with their books as if you work there? Just me? Okay…

I used to just read books

By this I mean that I cannot read a book anymore without taking notes and quotes down. I am always reading with a piece of paper and pen because I cannot imagine ever reading any other way. (How did I even remember the books back then?)

I used to have a smaller worldview

Through my expanded library and extreme increase in reading, I have learned more about the world around me. I have met and interacted with people from different countries and cultures and I LOVE IT!


How about you? How have you changed? Let me know below.

Love, Aubrey


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