[Review] who knew the dead could be so sassy? THE SWORD OF SUMMER BY RICK RIORDAN

magnus chase

Magnus’ life has always been different. He never knew his father, and his mother was killed by wolves a few years ago. Now he is homeless. One day, when his uncles and cousin come looking for him, he finds out he is the child of a Norse god and his life of hiding from the cops turns to one of fighting gods.

Rick Riordan never fails. Literally. Every book is beyond fantastic and I don’t understand how one person can have so many amazing brainchildren (maybe he is Athena?)

i liked...

  • Rick Riordan is a genius.
    • Every chapter title is so funny and entertaining just in itself.
    • I love learning all about mythology while not even realizing it. I seriously have learned so much while enjoying the sassy characters and epic quests.
    • His books are so much fun and are super easy to read since they are MG.
  • Romance wasn’t the focus. Even more than that, I am really glad the main character wasn’t even caught up in any of that. Seriously, why do so many authors think they need romance in their books. It doesn’t make anything better. Emily @ Loony Literate phrases this perfectly in this post.
  • Main character can’t make it through the second sentence alive, but IT WORKS.
  • The characters have great chemistry and work together really well in their nice little family.
    • Magnus: constant sass, sarcasm, and humor. Of course Riordan’s books always have extreme sass. I think that is one reason why I like them so so so much!
    • Blitzen & Hearth: so loving and caring for the whole team. Aww.
    • Sam: I like that a few aspects of her culture were put into it, but I really wish there would have been more and she wouldn’t have been such a stereotypical character (more on that below).
    • Jack: a very animate inanimate objects became one of the characters I was always looking forward to. (Oh, Jack. You are the best.)
  • I like that Annabeth is present at times, but doesn’t steal the show.

i didn't like...

  • Sam is a great character, but not super original. The whole “tough girl” character has been done so many times before, and I really wish there would have been more depth to her character.
  • The book seemed to have a similar plot to some of Riordan’s other books. Which all in all isn’t bad, but it was semi-predictable (which is common in MG).

It all connected very well and was super entertaining and funny. It had elements of other Riordan books, but stands in a category of its own.

4 stars


Love, Aubrey


6 thoughts on “[Review] who knew the dead could be so sassy? THE SWORD OF SUMMER BY RICK RIORDAN

  1. I felt like it has a lot of Percy Jackson elements but I think this one worked for me a lot better. I completely fell in love with Magnuss – mostly because of his sarcasm – and I also loved Blitzen and Hearth, I feel like Rick did a good job in their case and really made them complex with history and dreams and passions why I loved them so much. It was such a good book this one and I’m glad you liked it as well. 🙂

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    • I’m glad you liked it so much! I liked the Percy Jackson books better just because I liked the characters a little better, but I really enjoyed the sarcasm too. I totally agree that they are similar, but I still feel like they were good separately too. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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