[review] more realistic than expected THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING BY MORGAN MATSON


I liked The Unexpected Everything much more than I had expected (Ha! get what I did there? No? Just me? Okay.) It was very fluid and even though it was long it flew by. It is easily one of my new favorite contemporaries (not that I’ve read a whole lot of them).


  • The actual writing is really interesting. I love that it isn’t just dialogue and description, but includes texts and excerpts from a book inside of the book.
    • It is much more realistic than most contemporary books due to the imperfections and mistakes of the characters and their decisions (realistically unrealistic).
      • I love all of the reasoning behind why Andie (or anyone) keeps things to themselves. All of her fear and vulnerability make the story even better (and more frustrating)
      • Andie and Clark aren’t a cheesy relationship.
      • The characters all have ups and downs just like in real life and it doesn’t have a fairy tale ending JUST LIKE IN LIFE.
    • All of the things that would normally annoy me and make me not like the story (Topher, etc.) make it more real somehow and give the story a sense of second chances (Second Chance Summer anyone?).


  • Characters! (of course. Why would I ever not mention characters?)
    • Toby is a really funny character and balances out some of the other characters. I love her obsession with emojis (again FUNNY).
    • Clark!!! I LOVE him. From his look to the fanboy inside, he is so awkdorable (awkward and adorable). I WANT TO SAY SO MUCH MORE, but no spoilers here, SO SQUEAL WITH ME IN THE COMMENTS ABOUT CLARK, PLEASE!
    • Tom. Is it weird that Tom ended up being one of the better characters for me? I just liked that he seemed to be caught in the middle of everything, but was still not taking sides (besides Palmer’s) and was just an overall good guy. PLUS A FANBOY, so…


“It wasn’t a spark, or a shiver, or anything I’d heard described in cheesy love songs. It was more like when someone touches you on a spot near where you’re ticklish, that kind of heightened awareness. Like I’d never known there were so many nerve endings in my fingers.” (159)

“Galaxies don’t start perfect. They start crazy disorganized, and they change over time.” (455)


LET’S SQUEAL TOGETHER! Did you enjoy it? What did you like? CLARK. Let me know below! 🙂

Love, Aubrey


10 thoughts on “[review] more realistic than expected THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING BY MORGAN MATSON

  1. I love Morgan Matson, so I am super excited for this one! I really liked her other book Since You’ve Been Gone so I’m crossing my fingers this one is just as good (although, from your review, it sounds like I won’t be disappointed). Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review! ♥

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  2. I so adored Clark too!! I mean adorkable nerdy writer fanboy?!? HELLO I AM SUCH A FAN. XD Basically the whole book was so fun and I loved the summer vibes and Andie was pretty awesome and just, omg #friendshipgoals, right?! (Well, mostly. Not at the end there.😂) Definitely one of my favourite Matson books!!

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    • Oh my gosh. It only took a few pages and I was just like THAT BOY ASJFGHLDS!!! YESSS it was such a good story and book and I REALLY enjoyed it. I’m so glad you did too! Thanks for stopping by, Cait!


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