NEW YEAR (i’m back, baby)


(…you know halfway through January)

I have been pretty absent for the past few months. With school and scholarships and college applications and getting a job and volunteering and nanowrimo and all of the other craziness that has been going on, I haven’t gotten to blog much.

I love blogging and have missed this and all of you, so I am going to start out small and post once a week and then hopefully post more as time goes on.

What types of posts do you like the most:


In 2016, I participated in my first two read alongs (they were awesome!!!)

My favorite posts from this year“I read books that matter” // Pixar Book Tag // If I was a Fictional Character // Winter by Marissa Meyer // What Books Have Made Me Want To Do //

Honorable MentionsProfanity in Books with Guest Josh // Happy Endings ft. TFIOS // Historical Settings You Would Love to See

2016 goals: Writing Goals January 2016 my main goal had been to finish a first draft, and I didn’t quite do that, but I’m ALMOST THERE! // Books I WILL READ in 2016 (spoiler: I only read 3/24 oops) // Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

2016 goals post DID YOU LIVE UP TO IT? no. That’s okay though. I have been in a transition period in life and sometimes other stuff gets in the way and needs to come first.

Goodreads 2016: I originally had wanted to read 100 books in 2016, but then I found that I was overestimating how much I could read and actually enjoy. I started reading books just for the book count, and I never want that to happen.


2017 Goals Galore

Goodreads 2017- 20 books

Screenshot (108).jpg

Flights of Fantasy 2017: basically just read fantasy books every month (as if I didn’t already do this hahahahahah) FANTASY IS LIFE!!!


I plan to have a first draft done for my WIP 🙂 🙂 🙂

I want to interact more and write more and do more.

I’m not going to promise I’m back 24/7, but I do want to be more consistent and hope to plan one post per week minimum.

Love, Aubrey


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