CLASSIC FAIRY TALES ROUND 1 [review] “peter’s snow carol adventures”

I’ve wanted to read classic fairy tale books for a long time.


[audiobook] Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Audiobook read by Jim Dale

I never loved the movie, but I really enjoyed the book. I listened to it read by one of the best narrators ever (Jim Dale) & it was so well done. The story is trippy at times & involved a lot of changing in size, but I enjoyed it & think I will watch the movies again.


“Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.”

I loved following Alice’s adventures and it was so much fun. I couldn’t help but smile at the silliness and mad people. Also, there are quite a few wonderful quotes (I just wish I had been reading it instead of listening for that reason. It’s hard to get down quotes when you are listening to the story.)

tangent because… every “diet” ever

[audiobook] A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Audiobook read by Simon Creeble

I was on a 18 hour car ride while reading this and fell asleep a lot throughout, so I don’t have the fullest picture of the story, but was familiar with it before I even started. I liked it, but it isn’t my favorite. I felt that it was well done, but not as exciting as Peter Pan. That’s pretty much it…

The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson

This story was a little all over the place, but nonetheless adorable. The devil takes a mirror that shows opposites up to the sky to try to show it to God, but it shatters before it even gets close, and the shards fall down to earth. If people get the shard in their eye it causes them to see everything in a dark light, and if they get a shard in their heart they turn to ice and stop feeling things. Kai, a little boy, gets a shard in both, and then goes missing. This short story details his best friend’s journey to find him and save him from The Snow Queen.

  • It was very interesting, and if it was more organized I’m sure I would have liked it a lot more.
  • I enjoyed the simple writing and the length, but it just didn’t make too much sense and the characters were extremely shallow.
    • Also, WHY WEREN’T THESE CHILDREN’S GUARDIANS WORRIED ABOUT THEM? They were missing for a while and when they got back, the Grandmother just acted like nothing had happened.
    • The characters were honestly the only thing that ruined it for me. UGHH.
  • I know I should just LET IT GO, but it was nothing like frozen…letitgo.gif
(*all gifs are the property of Disney and their creators and are for entertainment purposes only)
Disclaimer: I received this book in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

[audiobook] Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Audiobook read by Jim Dale

  • favorite of the four
  • so classic and well done
  • the lost boys are ‘precious’*
  • from the very beginning I was in love with Peter (there is just something about him, you know?). He did annoy me at times, but I could get over that.


  • finding yourself: “who are you?”
    • everyone needs some sort of adult who will love them and take care of them
*note: I am not Smeagol, but they were just so adorable.

I have read retellings from a few other character’s perspectives and I still can’t get enough. All of the characters enjoy freedom of interpretation. I fell into the story & want to read all of the retellings and watch all of the movies because there is always so much going on. All of the characters could be explored in much more depth and I adore it.*

*any Peter Pan retelling recs?

to die would be an awfully big adventure.png


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have you read any of these stories? what did you think? do you want to read any of them? do you have any recommendations for me? LET ME KNOW BELOW 🙂 Also, I’m thinking about rebranding and redesigning my site… what do you think? I might also upgrade to a .com or .blog any advice?

Love, Aubrey


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