[discussion] fads, minimalism, THE LIFE CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP, life

Our world is one filled with ever changing fads and trends. It’s hard to keep up and even more difficult to know what trends are good ones to follow and which are not.


Minimalism is not new, but it has had a new resurgence and has gained a lot of popularity recently. Minimalism is the concept of owning less physically so you can focus on what sparks joy and what is the most important to you. By getting rid of the physical (and mental) clutter in your life, you open up a space to find out what you really want to do in life and can focus on your goals and dreams.

I feel like this is a great concept because I live in such a commercialized and capitalistic country that is drowning in the amount of stuff owned. I don’t want to own items that don’t bring me joy and don’t serve a purpose because there would be no point. Once I cleaned my space and got rid of the things cluttering my room and my mind, I was happier, healthier, and more content with what I had.

However, people take it too far by criticizing others for not being hard core enough. Stop putting other people down just to make you (proverbial) feel good! I’m so sick of labels and people having to criticize others just because they feel they are not good enough or not doing enough. Everyone is different and should go about their lives differently. If every person lived the same life in the same spaces creativity and originality would be forfeited for the sake of a fad that a person may regret. So, no. A person does not need to donate everything they own and become a nomad to be happy, but getting rid of the items that are making them unhappy may bring a certain level of peace to their life.

[Here is the simplifying challenge I have enjoyed completing.]


what do you think about the fads and trends that consume society? minimalism?




A while ago I read this book and while I didn’t agree with everything in the KonMari method, it does have it’s merits.

a messy room makes a messy life

  • visualize what life you want to live
    • what do you want your space to look like and why?
  • begin with easy items & start with discarding
    • clothes (slope up to right by category, and fold unless the fabric is happier hanging)
    • books
    • digital
    • papers
    • misc.
    • mementos
  • put them in the right place: tidy by category not location // choose what to keep
    • have a tidying marathon and do everything in one swoop
    • get everything in one place. many times the same item is in many locations
    • tidying is a special event // only tidy once
      • not for everyday
      • daily tidying-putting things back // special-putting things in order


life update

  • i am currently working on fourteen (yes, FOURTEEN) scholarships for college next semester
  • i have been interviewing a french rap artist for an international magazine (how on earth did i get stuck doing this… ugh he isn’t even a nice human).
  • i just finished the remnant chronicles series (i reread the first two and finally read the last) and am sad it is over, but it has quickly and easily become one of my favorite series! [super old reviews: the kiss of deception, the heart of betrayal]
  • i’m also working (very sporadically) on 2.5 WIPs

Love, Aubrey


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