About Me!

Hi! My name is Aubrey. I created this blog because I have a passion for books and reading. I mainly read fiction, but I switch between genres constantly. My blog is for all of your bookish needs, including reviews, interviews, book recommendations, and much more.

I am a senior in high school. When I am not reading blogging or writing, you can find me adventuring with my friends (plus post adventure food and The Office), jamming out to Hamilton and other musical masterpieces (or playing bass or ukulele with one of the two bands I’m part of), and* probably doing one of a million things for school (I can’t NOT be involved).

*yes, I can do all of these things AT THE SAME TIME. bow

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Contact Me!

Business email: aubreysbooknook@gmail.com (If you would like to contact me about reviewing a book, please check out my Book Review Policy first.)

Twitter: @aubreysbooknook

Instagram: @aubreysbooknook

Facebook Page: Aubrey’s Book Nook – Blog

goodreads: Aubrey (Aubrey’s Book Nook)

I post all of my reviews to Amazon as well. View them here.

Legal & Rules

All comments should be conversational, and for the good of the discussion. Any vulgar speech or profanity will be removed. Don’t be rude! No spamming. Links are not permitted in the comments section, unless to prove a point. If a comment sounds like spam, it will be deleted.

Book Review Policy

All photos are either mine, or used with permission. All edits are mine. If you have an issue with a picture I have used that you own, please email me so I can fix the problem immediately.

Never repost any of my blog posts or any other content without permission. If explicit permission is granted, a link back to the original post must be provided. Plagiarism is a crime. Please respect my hard work, and everyone else’s. If you feel I have broken copyright laws, please email me so I can fix it immediately.

Aubrey’s Book Nook uses Google Analytics for stats.


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